Road trip to YouthQuake

It’s not too soon to plan for YouthQuake in February 2016!
Pathway is planning a major road trip from the Interlake in Manitoba to Moose Jaw, SK in order to attend YouthQuake at Briercrest College & Seminary on the weekend of Feb. 12-14th.
This is an annual high-energy event for youth complete with motivational speakers, concerts, and special activities.
The theme for 2016 is:


We Are Here Together

It’s so easy in life to become convinced that you are doing this all by yourself. These feelings of loneliness creep into our minds at school, with our friends, at work or because of our family. We are easily convinced that we are alone, and we have to live this life by ourselves.

The Bible has a very different message than that. We see in the Bible that God’s people belong a family that will last forever. That we are here together, with each other and for each other. When we dive into this topic we quickly find the Bible says in many ways that we are Not Alone.

When we read Psalm 23 we find the author explaining how God is always with us. He talks about God being a Shepard who loves his flock, a provider who renews their strength, a protector in the darkest of situations, and someone who has a great plan for His sheep all the days of their lives.

Youth Quake 2016 has one message. That message is YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Let’s explore this together.

This is an event you don’t want to miss. It is open to teens, ages 13-18.