Volunteer Teams

Every year, Pathway Camp Ministries is blessed with over 70 individuals that invest a week or more in assisting with our children’s programs. Our mission teams consist of approximately 15 members and are limited in number due to the size of the planes in which we travel.

A week of summer camp requires a Youth Leader, a Cook who prepares breakfast and supper for the team as well as lunch for approximately 85 people (don’t panic…all supplies and instructions are included!), Pathway full-time staff, and about 9 counselors. Our minimum age for counselors is 15, although we prefer a mix of High School students and College-age adults.

Mission teams are required to get to Winnipeg where we will pick them up and transport everyone to the community we have scheduled for that week. Transportation could be via van or various types of small planes, depending on the destination. Each team member makes a reimbursement toward a portion of their travel and for their food supplies for the week (check with us for current rates – rates may vary based on destinations).

Our philosophy of ministry is based upon developing relationships that continue year-to-year. It is for this reason that we seek summer teams that are committed to this work for more than a one-time experience. We see huge benefits of having the same mission teams return year after year. Even though life situations change and not everyone returns, having about 30% of the staff from a team return to the same community increases relationship opportunities, assists in crowd control and provides stability to the children.

If you have a faith community that wishes to be involved in this type of cross-cultural ministry with a view to establishing lasting relationships, contact us for further information. If you are based in Manitoba and would be interested in providing 6-8 volunteers to assist with a weekend Sports Day, please contact us.

Financial Assistance

Every year we invest thousands of dollars travelling to remote communities – vehicles on the road (with associated gas, insurance, and wear-and-tear issues), charter flights, etc.  Travelling costs are a large part of our annual budget.  We need your help!

  • Consider Pathway Camp Ministries as an outreach arm of your church’s annual budget and commit to an established donation annually.
  • As individuals, one-time donations are always appreciated.
  • An important part of our financial process requires monthly pledges.  Consider how you could invest in our youth programs through a monthly donation.

Donate Here

Support possibilities:

  • Sponsor a church/family/neighbourhood Yard Sale in support of Pathway Camp Ministries.
  • Your youth group could offer a Teen Workday, renting out their services for babysitting, yard work, housework, or other avenues of community service.
  • Speak to your employer about the possibility of corporate support for Pathway. Building into youth at risk is not only proactive, but wise!
  • Donate a major item (like a vehicle).  You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for the appraised value and we can either use it or sell it for another urgent need.
  • Know someone who has everything? Instead of a Birthday or Christmas gift that will just sit on a shelf, make a donation in their honor.

Our current Wish List:


We value each and every gift as those given sacrificially and we commit to investing every one wisely.

If you require detailed budget information, please do not hesitate to contact us.