Berens River First Nation Day Camp 2015

Summer 2015 started off with a wonderful week in Berens River First Nation. Our team was made up of a few individuals and a core group of 8 who had travelled all the way from southern Ontario by motorhome in order to serve this community. (Thanks to Chesley Baptist Church for their support of this team!) By the end of the week, they were all like family!

We are grateful to the Health Authority in Berens for authorizing and supporting the camp; particularly to Tracy Swain who arranged for our supplies, our housing, and who assisted with registrations. It was great to see familiar faces and have fun together. Thank you also to Frontier School Division for use of the school that week. Due to a fall, one of our campers unfortunately broke her ankle and was sent to Winnipeg for medical assistance, but that couldn’t keep her down! By the end of the week she was back at camp! You just have to love that kind of enthusiasm.

Registration was full. The days were also full; full of laughter, good food, water balloons, crafts, sports and everything else associated with camp. One of our counselors reported “I was so happy to be able to wake up in the morning (although I was tired some days) and see those faces. . . . Berens is a part of me and always will be!”

We pray that God will bless the children and keep them safe until we get to see them again!

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