Bloodvein First Nation Day Camp 2015

2015 was our 8th summer in Bloodvein and it is great to be back with our friends. What a difference this year! The east side road is now open year-round and there was no need to fly across the narrows or wait for the ferry or fishing boats. The increased mobility of the community possibly led to a slightly smaller crowd this year, but the children were just as eager for camp as always.

Our team was largely from Markham Chinese Baptist Church (ON). They have been long-time partners of Pathway and we sure do appreciate their support.

We are grateful to Chief and Council of Miskooseepi First Nation for their support of the programs; also to Ellen Young for facilitating access to housing, the school, and the Band Hall. Thank you for your friendship! We enjoyed your hospitality.

The week started with a little glitch; plumbing problems flooded the Band Hall necessitating a major clean-up, but once that was dealt with, camp proceeded as planned. Our camper base was younger this year as a new “batch” of children reach camp age, but it is also encouraging to see the teens wanting to help with the program once they have aged out.

There’s nothing quite like sitting at the ferry dock watching the sun go down over beautiful Bloodvein River! Can’t wait to see you again.

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