Chemawawin Cree Nation Day Camp 2015

What fun to be back with our friends in Chemawawin Cree Nation! Week #4 of the summer of 2015 saw a jam-packed house each day – even on days with thunderstorms and pouring rain. A double rainbow one evening made for a beautiful site!

Our team was from Oakbank Baptist Church, most of whom have served in Chemawawin before. Everyone was looking forward to the reunions with the kids and the opportunities to deepen friendships. We are grateful to the people of Oakbank who support this week.

Thank you to Chief Easter and the Council for sponsoring our program and for Cheryl Thomas for looking after the registrations. Once again we enjoyed the use of your beautiful school and we so appreciated the warm welcome of the community. It was great to see so many at our end-of-the-week program wrap-up.

It’s a toss-up what activity is the week’s favorite: cup stacking? water balloons? sloppy joes? the watermelon game? relay race day? One thing is for sure; we love coming and we miss you when we’re gone. Hope the rest of your summer is amazing and your school year ahead is one of growth and success!

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