Garden Hill First Nation Day Camp 2015

Week #5 of the summer was held up at Island Lake in Garden Hill First Nation.  What a beautiful location!  This was our 9th summer of programs held at the Elementary School in this community.  Thanks so much to Island Lake First Nation Family Services for sponsoring our program and for the help of Bobby Monias and Abraham McPherson for their work behind the scenes.

Every year there seems to be a unique challenge!  This year was the first time the team had to cross the lake in heavy rain with all of their gear.  It made for a messy start of the week.  Add to that some more rainy days and the fact that some of our food was locked in a room without a key and everyone had to change focus mid-stream and work on alternatives.  All in all, it was a great week with a total of 89 children on the registration list.  The sun even came out for a few of the days!  The children at Garden Hill are among the best of the entire summer for behavior and participation in the program and they love their speedstacking 🙂

Thanks to the workers from Whyte Ridge Baptist Church for their partnership.  The children LOVE to see their friends return each year.  It’s always sad to say goodbye, but we look forward to many more years serving the children of Garden Hill.

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