Garden Hill Summer Camp 2016

Our fifth week of summer camp found our team far north at the fly-in community of Garden Hill on beautiful Island Lake. This was our 10th summer to be in Island Lake (the first year we ran camp there, Pathway was not even an official organization!)
What a great bunch of kids! And do they EVER love speedstacking and chapel time!
It was our fullest camp of the summer with an average attendance of 75. There were bright orange t-shirts everywhere you looked! Even though the weather wasn’t the best, we managed to fit in some outdoor activities like our Scavenger Hunt and a few days of water balloons, but the weather didn’t seem to affect attitudes as everyone had a great time.

Congratulations to our “Campers of the Week,” Trey and Chantel, our Speedstacks Champions, Jaye and Kristin, and our Memory Verse pro, Kyle!

We want to thank Island Lake Child & Family Services for sponsoring our program and for the hard work of Bobby Monias behind the scenes. We appreciate the use of your wonderful school and the housing that was provided.

It was so sad to leave our friends when the week was done. We left part of our hearts behind!









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