January Youth Retreat

We were pleased to hold our second Youth Retreat, this time at New Life Sanctuary in Winnipeg.

Sixteen teens joined us from three different First Nations communities as we got together for good food, fun, and discipleship teaching.  There was a great spirit of unity among those in attendance and we praise God for his work in our midst.

The weather was brutally cold, but we managed some fun time at Fort Whyte Centre.  We also had our challenges when the sewer backed up in the church (no showers!!).  But the good outweighed the bad.  We joined the congregation of New Life for their Sunday service and enjoyed their hospitality.  Our Youth Workers, Matt & Dylan (along with volunteers Rachel & Michelle) provided a skit for our teaching time as well as during the Sunday service.  The video is posted on the Pathway Camp Ministries facebook page(the script is available from www.skitguys.com).  It was a great weekend and we look forward to more retreats in the future.



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