June 2016 Youth Retreat

It was a great weekend spent with some awesome youth at Covenant Heights Bible Camp in Riding Mountain National Park! Sixteen youth joined us this weekend (who knew we were competing with Justin Bieber??!!)
From crazy games and water balloons to teaching sessions and a communion service together on Sunday, we reinforced that “You are not alone” (Yes, Youthquake, we continued with your theme! 🙂 )
Rick once again served up delicious meals.
A few brave souls ventured into the cold lake.
And a cake helped celebrate the close to Veronica’s Internship – she begins work later this week in Portage. She has been a wonderful asset to the team this year and she will be missed by everyone!
It is always an honor to spend time with these amazing teens. We are filled with so much hope for the future when we see them living out their potential!

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