November 2015 Youth Retreat

Pathway held our Fall Youth Retreat from Nov. 27-29 at Gimli Bible Camp and what a great time we had!!
21 Youth from 3 different communities joined us and this is some of what we enjoyed:

Outdoor games (and the weather was perfect!! Beautiful blue skies and mild winter temperatures)
Movie Night
Board Games
Sloppy Joes! (can’t have a camp event without them! 🙂 )

Our sessions discussed our soul cravings – our desire and need as people created in God’s image to experience love, intimacy, and a sense of belonging, to have hope for the future, and to find meaning in life. We had great discussions, shared some of our stories and grew closer together as a supportive community. On Sunday morning we enjoyed a worship service together.
What a wonderful weekend! What a great bunch of kids! We were so blessed to share the time with you and we can’t wait for the next time we get together.
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