Pathway’s “Forever Epic” Youth Group (4EE)

Into our second year of Forever Epic Youth Group in Fairford, MB, we have seen a lot of growth. This growth has not been in numbers but in the individuals themselves. We have gone from a wild and crazy rollercoaster ride of a youth group last year to a more mature group of students that want to hear about Christ and have fun. God has blessed us with the ability to deepen our relationships with the kids and create a family-type atmosphere.
From this Fall to our Christmas break we have been able to have plenty of super-cool events (some of which are messy…that are always a laugh!). These have included raising funds for Compassion Canada, putting together a boys’ and girls’ music video, and hosting our 2nd annual Fairford Chinese Auction for Christmas. Our official youth group logo is finished and we are ordering shirts and hoodies in the new year. Pray for us as we grow closer together in community and with God.

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