Spring 2013 Youth Retreat

The weekend of May 24-26 was filled with lots of activity as Pathway hosted their Spring Youth Retreat in Winnipeg. A total of 20 teens from four different First Nations Communities joined us for the weekend. We spent time in the Word of God, examining the qualities of the early church and finding ourselves challenged – are we generous, kind, community-minded, prayerful, dedicated to one another just as they were?? We also talked about our faith journeys; do we view them as an event (like a rescue), as an exam (just do well enough and you pass), or as a journey (like a pilgrim). We discovered that our view of conversion will affect our concept of discipleship.
Add to this a separate guy/girl discussion time, great food, time for beach volleyball at Assiniboine Park, a game of Assassin in the dark (!) and a great time joining the congregation of New Life Sanctuary for their worship service and you wind up with a weekend of memories.
One thing is for sure. . . . we all need a network of support, accountability, and encouragement. Praise God for the family of God that provides the framework for all of this.
Thanks to Matt & Dylan for their crazy teaching skits which are always a surprise and never boring!
Can’t wait for our next time together!

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