The Summer of 2012

Well, our summer program is over for 2012, our staff members are all at home sleeping in their own beds (instead of cots) and our campers are gearing up for another school season. And what a great summer it was!
Our six weeks of camp were held in Berens River, Bloodvein, Poplar River, Jackhead, Eastervile, and Garden Hill. It was great to see our friends from 2011 and also to make new friends. The days were jam-packed with games, crafts, sports, skits, songs, chapel times, great food, and lots of fun. Although the programs went well, there were a few glitches this season — like a broken-down cargo trailer and a laptop that died mid-season — both of which needed to be replaced. But, we are so thankful that we had good weather on the days that we had to travel by small planes and that all of our travels went safely. We couldn’t have handled the logistics for the first 3 weeks without the help of our friend, Jake Enns. Thanks so much for sacrificing your Saturdays for us!
What a privilege to work in each community and to be able to proclaim the Good News that Jesus loves each and every one of us and that his death and resurrection provide the opportunity for each of us to enter the family of God — a family that includes all ages, all races, all languages, and all nations!
We will miss our campers over the next seasons, particularly those in the more remote communities that we do not visit as often, but our prayer is that the memories from camp and the Word of God that was taught will stay with each of you until we meet again.
Check out our website gallery for 2012 pictures being added this week!

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