YouthQuake 2016

This was the third year for Pathway to make the trip to Briercrest College in Caronport, SK to attend their YouthQuake conference.
17 youth and 5 leaders made the journey on the weekend of Feb. 12-14th – this year in great traveling weather! What a pleasant change over previous years (just WHY do they think February is a good time for travel on the prairies anyhow??).
What a great weekend!
The speakers were great and their messages made a great impact on our group. Thanks for reminding us that “we are not alone” and that our God looks at us with love in his eyes and with his arms open wide! We pray that the truth of the messages sticks with all of as we go about our regular routines.
The horseback riding was fun (although cold!).
The bubble soccer was fun.
There were fabulous concerts, 4-way ping-pong, the dance troupe “R/U” that challenged everyone to get up and get moving, great “breakout” sessions and LOTS of laughs on the 8-hour road trip. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

Thanks so much to Hilbre Gospel Church for allowing our group to “camp out” the night before we left. And thanks also to Whyte Ridge Baptist Church for sponsoring our trip by defraying the cost of travel and participation in the event. YouthQuake 2017 anyone??!!

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